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Irish Adventure Holidays

Ireland is renowned for many different types of holiday - history, heritage, Genealogy, archaeology, etc., and for scenery the Irish countryside is hard to beat.  However, if you are after an adventure holiday, you can have that adventure in Ireland, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here are some ideas to chose from:

Photo from horsevacations .com
     Horse riding on Irish Beach

Horse riding: What ever your level of horse riding skills, there is a horse riding holiday available to you in Ireland. Since olden times, the Irish have been masters of the art of horse breeding, horse training, and riding.  Trekking through the Irish countryside is a pleasure you will always remember.  Galloping or trotting, there is no better way to experience Ireland.  Horse riding in Ireland is an adventure you will not want to miss.  Most counties will have riding stables with many offering more organized horse-riding holidays with guides and accommodation.

Caving: Ireland has many stunning cave systems, most of which were formed millions of years ago by underground rivers carving their way through the bedrock limestone of the country. Ireland's caves can be visited at many levels of expertise, some like Mitchelstown Cave in County Tipperary, and Crag Cave in County Kerry, are accessible to all members of the family and have steps where required and electricity laid on to light your way.  If it's potholing your after there are potholing groups who can point you in the right direction. 

mitchelstown cave

diving Ireland

Scuba diving: You might be surprised to know that Scuba Diving is a very popular sport in Ireland.  Rocky coastline and clear waters make for a perfect environment for the diver.  There are numerous diving groups and they are all highly experienced and adhere to the most stringent regulations.  Shipwrecks abound close to the shoreline, relics of other times when wars were fought in Ireland's Atlantic waters, and before technology provided safety at sea.
Surfing: Shhh!  It's a secret..well, almost...but Ireland's west coast is a surfers haven.  Big storm waves rolling in from the Atlantic, miles of unspoiled sandy beaches, and plenty of lifeguards to keep you safe, make Ireland a perfect place for the surfing holiday. In County Clare and Donegal, you can find Surfing schools at many locations, and board and wetsuit hire is readily available.  Surfing Ireland
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