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Even in this time of economic downturn, the value of houses in Ireland remains at an extraordinary high level. As a consequence, many home owners find themselves in financial trouble if they are ever unfortunate enough to have a serious mishap in their home and have to make a claim on their home insurance policy.  It is probably true to say that many homes in Ireland are underinsured.  


House Fire Insurance Ireland


It doesn't matter which Irish House Insurance Company you insure with as long as you make sure you are getting quotes from each company for the same product.  Is your insurance going to cover the cost of clearing away the ruins of a burned house?  Are the contents covered? Have you declared all risks to the company? Can you rent a house while out of your home?  Are you covered by your house insurance if your tree falls on a neighbours car in his garden?  What if your dog bites someone?  Ask questions.  You are buying a product so be sure and ask.  

Tips on Irish House Insurance
-Are you covered for casual workers on your property?
-What if a builder causes serious damage or injury and has no insurance?
-Is the house a holiday home not occupied for long periods?  You must declare this!



Always seek professional advise.  
Like everything else in our lives, Home Insurance in Ireland has become very complex, if not complicated.  No longer is it sufficient to have your house valued and simply take out insurance to cover that amount in case of fire.  There are so many things to think about that we offer a list so that you can check your Irish Home insurance policy and see if you are covered.  Remember that there are many areas of insurance that we are not qualified to advise on that you should discuss your house insurance needs with your Irish insurance company before purchasing insurance. Most good home policies cover you for most eventualities but it is worth checking the list below before parting with your money. There is a joke that says "you are covered for everything except Fire, Flood, Accident, Death, Illness, injury to third parties etc!!"  It's no joke if it happens to you.

Be sure to get cover for the following:
Fire insurance:  This is the most common 'total disaster' event that can strike a home in Ireland.  But does your insurance policy cover all the ways in which a fire can start?  Are there opt-out clauses in your policy?  Careless cigarette?  Chip Pan?  Lightning? Faulty wiring?  Careless builder with a blow-torch? Fireworks?  Arson?  Is your property properly valued?  If fire causes twenty thousand euros worth of damage to you home  and you are only insured for fifty per cent of the value of your €300,000 home, them you will probably only get sixty per cent of the twenty thousand.

Act of War:  Are you covered if there is a war and your home is destroyed?  This might cause a smile but how many home owners in any part of the world foresaw the need to take insurance against an act of war or terrorism or riot?  Not many, we would think. It may not even be possible to get such insurance cover, but we offer it here as food for thought!

Act of God:  This is a hoary chestnut that was once the mother of all opt-out clauses..but these days insurance companies are more forthcoming about what constitutes an Act of God and most Insurance Companies in Ireland will provide cover for such acts.   A definition of an act of God would probably be any naturally occurring phenomenon such as earthquake, storm, flood, tsunami, volcano, etc.  Not sure what an atheist would make of such terminology but, apparently, it is still a legal term in Ireland.  

Public Liabilty:  Are you covered if someone falls in your home or garden?  What if they fall on the footpath outside your house?  If a slate bows off your roof or your TV antenna falls on someone's car, are you covered against the ensuing claim? If someone breaks into your house and gets injured, are you responsible?

Employers Liability:  Are you covered if you employ a painter and he falls off his ladder?  What if someone gets killed while repairing slates on your roof after a storm?

Theft:  Have you made a proper valuation of your household property? 

Dogs and other pets:  Are you covered if your pet bites someone?  What if the family pooch chases someone and they get injured away from your property?  Does your public liability insurance cover for this?

Car on property:   If you roll over someone's foot while on your property is it your car insurance or your house insurance that covers you?  If you bang into your garage door, can you claim against your car insurance to repair the garage door or will your Home insurance cover that?

Subsidence:  What happens if the home of your dreams shows an ugly crack in the plaster one day and an investigation shows that your house is suffering from subsidence?  Do you sue the builder?  Sue the previous owner?  Will your insurance company cover the costly repair?

Damage by uninsured builder:  This is an area that is fraught with complication and at the outset let me say, you should ALWAYS check with your builder to see if he is covered.  Don't just ask him.  Ask to see the policy.  AND..check with your own company to see if you are covered in case the builder falls or does damage.  Are you covered if your builder suffers injury because of your negligence or bad advice? Public Liability will not cover you for this.  Pick up the phone.  Ask the insurance company before allowing anyone to work on your home.

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